The Kabul Carpet Export Center brings together the diverse talents of many people who have been working in or for Afghanistan to expand carpet exports and create jobs in the country. The KCEC was developed by carpet industry veterans Rob Leahy, Richard Ringrose, Alex Zahir and Stephen Landrigan working together as Impact Carpet Associates LLC, headquartered in Charleston, SC, USA.

From Left: ICA's Steve Landrigan, Alex ZahIr , Rob Leahy and Richard Ringrose at the 2018 New York Rug Show.

 Meet The KCEC USA Team

Company team

Rob Leahy

Is the Project Director of the Kabul Carpet Export Center. He has been in the carpet and rug business since 1971 and traveling to Afghanistan since 2007 to study and assist in the capacity building projects in the carpet trade for US Government agencies. Rob is the Project Director of the Kabul Carpet Export Center. 

Company team

Assad Mattin

Is the founder and chairman of The Oxus Group, LLC and a member of the Board of Directors of the Afghan American Chamber 
of Commerce. He previously served as the chief of staff to the president of Afghanistan, Director of Communications of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Company team

John Mattin

Is the President of the Oxus Group. John has extensive background and experience in government contract implementation, capacity building and training.  

Company team

Alex Zahir

Is the Production Director of the Kabul Carpet Export Center. He  was born into the Afghan carpet business as his family, like many in Afghanistan, weaved carpets in their home. He has been a subject matter expert to the US Department of Commerce since 2010. Alex is Production Director for KCEC and works with the carpet manufacturers across Afghanistan.

Company team

Stephen Landrigan

Is the Communication Director of the Kabul Carpet Export Center. He has many years of experience working with USAID funded projects in Afghanistan and in other countries. He is also an accomplished writer of plans and reports on carpets, wool and cashmere. 

Company team

Richard Ringrose

I s the Marketing Director of the Kabul Carpet Export Center. He   has a long legacy in the carpet business having been a Vice President of ABC Carpet and Home in New York City . He was a key member of the US Department of Defense TFBSO focused on the carpet business in Afghanistan. .


Company team

Najlla Habibyar

Is the Chief of Party for the Kabul Carpet Export Center. Her role encompasses all aspects of the KCEC and is the Chief Executive in Afghanistan. Najlla has held senior positions with USAID and was the CEO of the Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan.

Company team

Khalid Tayeb

Is the Deputy Chief of Party for Kabul Carpet Export Center. He previously assigned as CEO of Kanda Group of Companies, program manager of Afghanistan Exporters Club, Advisor Exporters Club – USAID ATAR and Export Promotion Project manager of Ministry of Industry and Commerce. 

Company team

Imad Haroon

Is a Development Expert with 10 years of experience in the field of Project Management, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research with different national, international  and governmental organizations. Imad is the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation of the Kabul Carpet Export Center.  

Company team

Shaker Anwari

Is the Admin and Finance Director of the Kabul Carpet Export Center. He has extensive experience of operations and project implementation with different international organizations. He has previously served as the Project Manager and Operation Director of the OXUS Group