KCEC is A Ray of Hope for Carpet Manufacturers

  USAID Kabul Carpet Export Center’s Carpet Manufacturer is ready to compete in the US market.  

 Hamidullah Khal Mohammadi at the KCEC Launch on 19 August 2018. 

"…KCEC is bringing a new understanding about the industry I have been working in for nearly five decades of my life.” 

-Hamidullah Khal Mohammadi

The late carpet manufacturer Haji Khal Mohammad built up one of Afghanistan’s most successful carpet making and exporting businesses.  He designed many patterns based on Turkmen motifs that have sold in the tens of thousands and he formulated a unique shade of red that is known throughout the carpet world by his name.  At one time, he employed more than 2,400 weavers from more than 7,200 families.  The majority were women. 

The international recession that started in 2008 combined with changes in consumer taste regarding carpet designs, colors and prices, sent his sales into steep decline. He had to cut his number of weavers to 1,500 representing approximately 4,500 families. 

“Past success does not guarantee the future in the fast-moving carpet industry,” said Hamidullah Khal Mohammadi, who is now the vice president of the Khal Mohammadi Company.   

Recently, Mr. Hamidullah obtained an order through the Kabul Carpet Export Center (KCEC) to make for 10 rugs for AMER, a major carpet wholesaler serving the U.S market.  “To complete the order in next four months,” Mr. Hamidullah stated, “We had to recruit 35 extra carpet weavers.   This is our first order for AMER.  We are expecting that it will lead to much larger orders for us in the future.”

Mr. Hamidullah has also made two rugs that will be exhibited along with those of twenty-two other carpet manufacturers in the Domotex international carpet trade shows in Hannover (Germany), Atlanta (USA), and Shanghai (China) through KCEC. 

Mr. Hamidullah described the KCEC as “a ray of hope for me and the carpet industry in Afghanistan.”  He has become very optimistic about the KCEC after some initial uncertainty on whether he should become involved with it.  “KCEC is bringing a new understanding about the industry I have been working in for nearly five decades of my life,” he said.