There have been many meaningful efforts to assist the afghan rug weaving community; that is Afghan men who design and sell the rugs and the women who weave them. But, none have addressed the critical factors that have held the trade back from achieving its proper place in the world of handmade carpets and rugs.

Simply stated these are: capital to buy wool, proper packaging and expedited export processing and a more direct connection to the global carpet sales industry, In its concept paper and its application, Impact Carpet Associates (ICA) puts forth a plan to overcome these obstacles. Looked at in its entirety, the Kabul Carpet Export Center, (KCEC) will place rug making and distribution directly into the hands of the Afghan carpet trade participants themselves, thereby creating a true "Made in Afghanistan" product, and, of course, jobs.

Through the establishment of the KCEC, ICA plans to use the following model to create success in creating a sustainable, International Afghan Carpet Industry: