Buying carpets directly from Afghanistan has just become easier than ever before.

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced that it will provide funding to set up the Kabul Carpet Export Center (KCEC) as part of a wide-ranging jobs creation program in Afghanistan.

The KCEC introduces a single point of contact for connecting international rug buyers with top carpet manufacturers in Afghanistan. The KCEC will help buyers place their orders, then monitor production through every stage. The KCEC’s staff will oversee communications between buyers and carpet manufacturers to eliminate any misunderstandings and nurture the development of long-term relationships between them. In addition, the KCEC also provides for the first time in Afghanistan, capital for carpet manufacturers to use in covering production costs. This will eliminate any delays in getting orders fulfilled.

KCEC will conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that it has been made to the buyer’s specifications and meets the highest standards of Afghan carpet production. If any corrections or changes are needed, they will be completed before the rug leaves Afghanistan. At its warehouse near the Hamid Karzai Kabul Airport, the KCEC will facilitate the efficient processing of all Government of Afghanistan export formalities. Also, all paperwork needed for entry into the U.S or other countries will be prepared in Kabul before the rug is shipped.

Carpets will be expertly packed and wrapped in high-grade materials on cardboard spools, ready to be displayed upon arrival. Carpets will be shipped via air freight by reliable carriers with the best possible rates. Plans for the KCEC were developed by carpet industry veterans Rob Leahy, Richard Ringrose, Alex Zahir and Stephen Landrigan working together as Impact Carpet Associates, LLC.

The Kabul Carpet Export Center is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).